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The Cultural Center worked in 2017-2018 to increase participation and partnerships with the Louisville Latino Education Outreach Project (LLEO). This group is a team of partnered organizations in Louisville who have programs that focus on the achievement and attainment of education for Latinos in Louisville.

 “We are the leaders that we’ve been looking for”

Grace Lee Boggs.

Our Mission

The LLEO core team is an avenue for collaboration, systems change and relationship building among Louisville Latino education organizations. We advocate for and empower Latino students and families in Louisville by providing access, knowledge base, and support to promote success in college, career and life.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Create a vibrant and educated Louisville where Latino leaders are more represented, and institutional bias and structurally racist policies and cultures are eliminated 

Our Values

Our Values

to create an organization that amplifies power with/among VS power over.

  • Non hierarchical in nature and where all partner organizations own the work and believe in the mission

  • Parent and family engagement is at the core to the work and drives our decisions

  • We create space where everyone feels included and all voices are heard. We do this through shared power dynamics

a culture of listening- we are not the experts but we thrive in a community of valuing all people’s perspectives, experiences, stories and ideas.

Shifting cultures within our institutions and community inspires us to do the following:

  • Stay in a state of inquiry- not always seeking the how but also the why

  • Being grounded in love and a deep desire for human connectivity

  • Creating safe and brave spaces that allow for people to show up as their full selves and where everyone feels included

    • LGBTQ+ friendly

    • Pro Indigenous and Pro Black

    • Language Justice (Multilingual)

    • Women, Gender Inclusivity

    • Socio Economic background

    • Geographic areas

that parent and family awareness, education, and involvement throughout their children’s educational trajectory are fundamental to the work of LLEO

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