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LLEO meets on a monthly basis with the partners organizations to share about resources, coming up events, career opportunities and more. We gather all that information and put it into a monthly newsletter as a resource for students, families and educators.

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Download our monthly newsletter with Resources form our partners, information about events, career opportunities and more. This is a resource for educations seeking resources for their students and their families.

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Reacurring Events

Flier - Online English Practice copy.png
Virtual English Conversation Practice with Louisville Free Public Library 
Grupo de mujeres.png
Grupo de Mujeres: Open to all women who speak Spanish
  • 4th Tuesday of the month

  • 6pm-8pm

  •  Virtual event focusing on financial literacy

  • In collaboration Eastern Area ministry 

  • If interested in enjoying please email

  • Include name, phone number and email. 

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